Energy Saving in the Smart Home

The good thing about Z-Wave is, while it will without doubt make your smart home setup more seamless, you don’t actually have to do a thing to make the most of it.With Z-Wave products, being eco-friendly is enjoyable and straightforward as they were designed to save energy – and in turn, your money- every day

Smart Lighting: Lighting switch to prevent lights from wasting energy when no one at home. You also have the option of creating lighting schedules to have lights turn on and off by remote comtrol.

Smart Themostats:You can control your smart thermostat from your phone, turning it to energy save status when you leave the house, and turning it on before you arrive home.

Smart plugs: Some Z-Wave smart plugs offer a colorful ring on the exterior, and change color according to levels of energy usage so you can monitor usage. The plug will shut off if there is an overload in energy usage.

Z-Wave’s energy-saving products for your smart home can help save money and the planet- absolutely yes!