trip to guangxi

NIE-TECH: Trip to Guangxi

November certainly was a month of variety for us. In order to free our staff from work and let our staff have a fresh mind and better mindset, NIE-TECH team went to a trip to Guilin, Guangxi to explore the beauty of the nature and meanwhile strengthen the team bonding.

The first stop was Longji Rice Terraces. We arrived at the unique inn which locates in the center of the terraces where we could enjoy the gorgeous view of the terraces. The owner of the inn was very welcoming. Because of him we not only got the chance to try the tasty local dishes  but also we climbed the terraces and saw the sunrise. At night after a lovely dinner we had a party to celebrate the birthday of our staff with the theme of NIE-TECH Go With You And Grow With You. We had fun games and activities like Charades and Truth or Dare. Everyone in the team participated actively. During the party we not only had fun but also we got the chance to know more about each other which contributes a lot to deepen the bonding of our team. At the end of the party we had a warming celebration for our 4 staff’s birthday. May all the wishes of you come true and everything goes well with you! The next day we went to see the sunrise in Longji Rice Terraces under the guidance of the hotel owner. We climbed to the viewing deck and during the process we helped each other and with the sun just started coming up we finally got to the top. With all everyone sitting together we enjoyed the stunning sunrise.

beautiful view of Longji rice terraces
nie-tech team
stunning sunrise
beautiful sunrise
Birthday party!
Birthday boy and girls!

The next stop we went to Yulong River and enjoy the gorgeous view of the landscape by taking the bamboo rafts. Sitting on the bamboo raft and listening to the gurgling steams, we explored the beauty of Yulong river. At night we arrived at the the famous sightseeing Xijie in Yangshuo. Xijie, as the oldest and historical street in Yangshuo, it witnesses the changing of people’s lifestyle in here. When the nigh falls xijie turns into a fancy world with luxuriant night life. Shops and bars all come into play. Our team of course couldn’t let this go. We hangout together and enjoyed the hustle and bustle of this beautiful city.

beautiful river sight!
we are having good time!
Gorgeous Yulong river
bamboo rafting

The last stop we went to Lingchuan county to enjoy the beautiful scenery of ginkgo trees. With the ginkgo leaves falling down, the winter vibe is getting stronger. We wandered around the ginkgo forest walking on the ginkgo leaves scattered path. We talked and laughed and enjoined this moment with each other.

gingko trees
super power hahah
super power2

The trip to Guangxi has ended but the memories that our team created together will never fade. It helps us know each other better and it brings us together.

nie-tech team